OPAL - Outdoor Play and Learning

Our OPAL vision

Our vision is that every child has an amazing hour of high-quality play every day – with no exceptions. 


Our OPAL Intent


We follow a lunchtime play programme called OPAL, which stands for Outside Play and Learning.

We acknowledge that 20% of a child's week is spent outside during lunchtime play - and we need to purposefully plan for this.


We plan for, resource and evaluate the quality of our play provision as if it were an important human right, essential to all aspects of children’s development and a source of joy and happiness that every child can access because it is all of these things. Our play team support children's outdoor play by providing a wide range of resources and activities to suit all children's play types! 


Our OPAL Implementation
We have many areas set out in our playground, such as a large sandpit, mud kitchen, climbing equipment, reading area, music area, home area...and more.
Our large storage sheds are full of loose part resources, such as dressing up clothes, small world toys, role play toys, wheels, guttering, suitcases and many more! 
This variety sparks the children's curiosity, imagination and right to PLAY! Yes, your child may come home a little wet or muddy...but they will be full of excitement to tell you all about the fun they have had!