Governors Details' and Register of Interests

Full Governing Body (FGB)

Chair: Rebecca Stewardson
Clerk: Natalie Lambert
 Name of Governor  Type of Governor  Office
 End of term
 of Office
 Declared Business
 Nicki Taylor-Dickens  Headteacher    N/A  
 Becky Stewardson  LA Governor  4 years  November 2024 Trustee - Orchard Learning Alliance  100%
 Claire Frohnwieser  Co-Opted Governor  4 years  April 2023  None  100%
 Leslie Vallance  Staff Governor  4 years  September 2026 School Business Manager  100%
 Hugo Popplewell  Co-Opted Governor  4 years  November 2025  None  66%
 Sue Draper  Co-Opted Governor  4 years  April 2023  None  50%
 Rhiannon Clamp  Co-opted Governor  4 years  November 2024  The Ambleside Centre
 (Wokingham) & The
 Willink School (West
 Chris Tumelty  Parent Governor  4 years  November 2024
 Parent Governor at 
 Willow Bank Junior
 Katharine Holmes Co-opted Governor  4 years March 2027  None  100%
 Louise White  Parent Governor  4 years  February 2026   None   100%
James Jerrold  Co-opted Governor  4 years  July 2026  None   50%
Lucinda Amodio Parent Governor 4 years March 2027  None 100%
We also have a Code of Conduct, which is available here: