Attendance at Willow Bank Infant School


Attendance at Willow Bank Infant School
It is the responsibility of every parent to make sure their child receives an education and by registering here at Willow Bank Infant School you have a legal duty to ensure your child attends regularly.
The classroom doors open at 8.45am and all pupils are expected to be in their classrooms promptly, ready for the register to be taken at 8.50am. If your child arrives after this time they will need to sign in at the school office and they will be marked as 'Late' in the register. Children who arrive late after 9.20am will be marked as an 'unauthorised late'.
If your child is unwell and unable to attend school, you need to either phone or email the school office between 8.30 and 9.30 on the morning of the absence.
Attendance is monitored by both the school and the Educational Welfare Officer (EWO). If you child's attendance falls below 90% you will be contacted by the school via a letter. Your child's attendance record will also appear on the annual report given out to parents at the end of the school year.
Only in exceptional circumstances will the school authorise an absence from school and leave of absence form should be completed. Unauthorised absences from school of 5 days or more can now result in the Local Authority imposing a fine. A leave of absence form can be found below or you can come into the school office to collect one.